Edelmira Quiroz Ponce

Tocache - Peru

Edelmira has been growing cocoa since 2010 when her region was ravaged by drug trafficking. The situation has changed thanks to cocoa farming and to the actions of the Tocache cooperative that Edelmira joined in 2018. Edelmira’s cocoa is certified “Organic” and grows on the banks of the river Tocache that it has to cross by boat to continue its journey!

Some figures

became a cocoa farmer
12 October
1 400
cocoa trees grown

Our development project

Thanks to the solar panels we installed, Edelmira now has access to electricity! We also helped her organise her daughter’s 15th birthday party, a very important moment for young South American girls. It was Edelmira’s dream to give her daughter a party because she herself could not have one at 15.

Edelmira’s cocoa

With a distinct cocoa note and a pleasant astringency, Edelmira’s cocoa reveals intense notes of red fruits (raspberry), ans subtle woody and spicy notes (cinnamon)  which reflect a unique terroir!

And there was light!

Edelmira Quiroz Ponce