Our project

our commitments, our team and our partners

Why Treegether ?

At the heart of this initiative lies the desire to give meaning to cocoa farming which is an unrewarding work and to bring personal recognition to our producers.

By sponsoring a cocoa tree, you meet the women and men who produce the cocoa that is found in the chocolate you receive.

It is like going to the market, meeting the farmers and understanding where, how and by whom your food is produced.

When you eat or give your Treegether bars, you enjoy your chocolate and you share your values.



Chocolate YOU are a part of

Our commitments

  • A fair price directly paid to our farmers (minimum Fairtrade price US$ 2200/ton ; more information here).
  • A development project is put in place, defined together with our farmers.
  • Twelve chocolate bars sent to you into two deliveries of 6 bars each. The delivery time depends on the producers’ production possibilities and is therefore not predefined.
  • Being an environmentally responsible business. We use recyclable packaging printed with solvent-free inks. We also compensate of our carbon emissions via Justdiggit.
  • Promoting gender equality, starting with our farmers!
  • Some regular news from your farmer and the development project, and also from your cocoa and your chocolate during the year of sponsorship.

The Treegether team


He started the project with the ambition of provoking unusual encounters and giving back to the producers the emotions they gave him during his visits to the cocoa plantations. With twenty years of experience in cocoa and chocolate, he is an international cocoa taster and member of the “Cocoa of Excellence” jury. He is passionate about food, people development and the environment. It is above all the pleasure of giving pride to producers and pleasure to consumers through the unique product of chocolate that led him to set up Treegether in 2020.


He has been passionate about confectionery since his earliest childhood. As one of the rare Swiss artisans to produce chocolate from the cocoa bean, he is uncompromising on the quality of the raw materials. His peers and clients recognise him as a trusted and talented partner. Bruno has been immediately enthusiastic about the project. He is also one of the best panettone makers in the world!

Our team is also:

Our partners and suppliers:

Design: ARD, Vevey – Switzerland
Website: Ergopix, Vevey – Switzerland
Packaging: Polygravia, Châtel-St-Denis – Switzerland
Logistic partners:
Cocoasource, Châtel-St-Denis – Switzerland
ATW – Uganda
Sambirano SA – Madagascar
Ocean SA – Côte d’Ivoire
Cooperativa Agroindustrial Tocache – Peru
Blockchain: Farmerconnect – Switzerland

In memory of Paulo.