Joseph Kiwanuka

Namuganga - Uganda

It is in the Kasawo region, north-east of the capital Kampala, that Joseph grows his cocoa with passion, supported by his wife and parents. Father of three children, Joseph is an enterprising, discreet and conscientious young cocoa farmer. He delivers his fresh cocoa to Henry Lwanga who ferments it and then dries it so that it can be shipped.

Some figures

became a cocoa farmer
1st May
1 232
cocoa trees grown

Our development project

In May 2021, we installed solar panels at Joseph’s home, giving him access to electricity. A new comfort appreciated by the whole family. In June 2023, we have bought him a motorbike to help Joseph transport his harvest and equipment. These projects are very important, impactful and 100% funded by the cocoa tree sponsorships!

Joseph’s cocoa

Deep black, Joseph’s cocoa offers a delicate bitterness and powerful notes of cocoa. It is a little acidic with notes of honey, dried fruits and the undergrowth of the tropical forests, with a subtle liquorice note. It goes perfectly with coffee.