Suzanne Jaolaza

Antsakoamanondro - Madagascar

Suzanne’s cocoa plantation is located in the Sambirano region. She farms it with her husband and also grows vanilla. We were so impressed with the quality of her cocoa beans that we decided to make a 72% cocoa chocolate out of it!

First encounter in June 2022

Some figures

became a cocoa farmer
8 April
1 900
cocoa trees grown

Our development project 

Thanks to Treegether, Suzanne and her neighbourhood have received solar-powered LED street lighting. This is a real revolution that makes the days a little longer and safer. The next project is the acquisition of a cart and a zebu to transport the cocoa from the field to the fermentation boxes, which are a few kilometers apart.

Suzanne’s cocoa

Characterised by balanced cocoa, acidity and bitterness, it surprises you with a rare and fresh note of green apple mingled with nuts flavours.