New Caledonian vanilla

The vanilla we have the great pleasure and honour of offering you embodies all the values of Treegether:

  • producers who are fairly paid and supported on a daily basis
  • an exceptional, local product.

We are talking about one of the best vanillas in the world used by the greatest chefs! Its frosted appearance is due to its exceptional vanillin content, and the size of the pods (18-20 cm) is just as incredible.

The origin of all this is a twenty years friendship between Fabien, founder of Treegether, with Julien who has been passionately revitalising the vanilla industry in New Caledonia since 2007. He collaborates with local producers, trains them and ensures the transformation and maturation of the beans according to a unique process. You can discover his work in this video (only in French).

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    New Caledonian vanilla
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