The roots of the project

The roots of the project

The idea of sponsoring cocoa trees dates back to 2011. Rooted in values of sharing and pleasure and inspired by meetings with cocoa farmers from Latin America and Africa, it became reality in 2020!

Thanks to the sponsorship of cocoa trees, we create exchanges between the producers and the sponsors of their trees. We want to integrate all the other actors of the project in the vision: our chocolate master, our local coordinators in the producing countries, our suppliers and all the partners who help us in the implementation of the development projects.

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The roots of the project

Our primary ambition is to establish a direct commercial and human relationship that is fair and rewarding for our cocoa producers whose social and financial situation is often precarious. Cocoa farming is a physically demanding job that involves working in hot and humid climates, carrying heavy loads, risk of theft, little mechanization and infrastructure. In addition, once the cocoa leaves the plantation, the producers have no feedback on it and only a few of them have even tasted chocolate!

Producers are invisible to consumers and we hope to change this situation. We want you to get to know your cocoa farmers and thus give them the recognition that they do not currently have and yet is so important.

Our second goal is to provide you with chocolate that has more meaning than any other because you know its history, origin, producer and above all because you are a part of it. Our uniqueness is to work in small clusters in the plantations and to make your chocolate in small volumes so that it contains some cocoa from the trees you sponsor.

November 2011, the first sketch illustrating the concept!