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Discovering cocoa terroirs

By selecting our producers, we have also selected high quality cocoa terroirs.

With our tasting assortments, you have the opportunity to discover the full range of these flavours:

  • the powerful cocoa with woody and dried fruit notes from Joseph (Uganda) 🇺🇬
  • the raspberry notes and the silky astringency of Edelmira’s cocoa (Peru) 🇵🇪
  • the fresh fruit and dried fruit aromas of Odile’s cocoa (Madagascar) 🇲🇬
  • the perfect balance and the subtle floral  notes of Ambroise’s cocoa (Ivory Coast) 🇨🇮
  • the freshness of green apple notes of Suzanne’s cocoa (Madagascar) 🇲🇬

The composition of the assortments is random but includes chocolates from at least three different origins.

Please note that we do not deliver chocolate in temperatures above 22°C.

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Tasting assortment
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