Chocolate spread

hazelnuts and dark or milk chocolate

Treegether’s new gem!

We started producing this chocolate spread simply because it tastes amazing (the best of all, to be honest 😋). The smiles on the faces of everyone who tastes it for the first time and leaves with their jar seem to prove us right!

The flavours of hazelnut and Treegether chocolate are perfectly balanced and all the ingredients are organic. It contains sunflower oil (no palm oil) and raw cane sugar.

To be kept at room temperature (at least not in the fridge or in the sun), its texture is perfect for spreading and reveals an “old-fashioned” grain that is its trademark.

Ingredients: hazelnuts (40%), 65% cocoa dark chocolate, raw cane sugar, sunflower oil, cocoa powder.

Nutritional facts (/100g): energy (2438 kJ/585 kcal), total fat (46g) of which saturated (10g), carbohydrate (39g) of which sugar (32g), protein (7.3g), salt (0.01g)

Weight: 220 g.

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Chocolate spread
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